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Restaurants near Borghetto Santa Giulia

2022-04-26 22:06


Restaurants near Borghetto Santa Giulia

Sharing a list of restaurants near Borghetto Santa Giulia well-attended by our guests:1.     Ristorante il Gabbiano(  Te


Sharing a list of restaurants near Borghetto Santa Giulia well-attended by our guests:

1.     Ristorante il Gabbiano
Tel: 0185 390228

 Walking down the main trail toward Lavagna, about halfway to town, you will find it.
A distinguished restaurant with a spectacular sea view.
Fresh seafood is prepared with a pinch of refinement and the personality of the chefs Massimo and Cristiano. Also suitable for vegetarians. 



2.     Ristorante Belvedere 
Tel: 0185 390552

The restaurant is located next to the beautiful church of Santa Giulia, 5 minutes walk up the main trail. 
The owner offers excellent meat and seafood dishes with a good selection of wine.

3.     Ristorante Terra 

The place recalls the typical Ligurian tavern, with superb original local recipes. 

4.     Ristorante Bagni Aurelia 

Our guests already have access to the private beach resort Bagni Aurelia. Don't miss the experience of their restaurant and bar.
They serve mainly seafood and traditional dishes with a large selection of wine. 


In Lavagna Center, it’s worth mentioning:

Enoteca Monna Bianca ( 
Monna Bianca is located in Lavagna downtown, in front of the main church Santo Stefano.
Paola e Francesco will guide you through a wide selection of wines and appetizers.
They extend the service in a small garden inside their courtyard in summer, offering a welcoming alternative to the crowded summer.


Trattoria U Pescou: Via Dante Alighieri 70.

Seafood, Mediterranean, Ligurian food.

The seafood is always fresh, and sitting outside and enjoying a nice authentic Ligurian meal is excellent.